They find it amusing when you call yourself the ‘owner': If you must call yourself that, wait until your feline friends are out of earshot. Cats yowl for breakfast, demand their humans' complete attention when it wavers and compete furiously with laptops. The way they see it, people are their precious property and not the other way around.

They know that sulking works: Unfaithful owners are common. A cat knows when its human stops by to say hello to the dog next door or to pet a friendly neighbourhood kitten. Be prepared to get the cold shoulder upon return. Time spent sulking ranges from a few minutes to a couple of hours, depending on how good their memory is.

In their heads, they are the kings of the jungle: An indoor cat lives in a domestic kingdom with convertible sofas, dedicated food plates and wind-up mice. Make-believe is a big part of their day, so the next time a visitor comes over, don't blow their cover by referring to the mouse as “fake”.

They love the whole family but have favourites: The chosen one in the family is the one for whom they reserve their loudest purrs. This person is paw-picked for being better at reading minds and anticipating needs. It takes hard work to become a family favourite, so get started by indulging its every whim. When it's in the mood for a game, set aside the TV remote and dangle a string in front of its face. Show no interest in the neighbour's dog. Secretly buy a better, faster wind-up mouse and set it in motion during the next play session - and remember to call it “prey” and not “toy”.

(Looking to adopt kittens? They are available for adoption at 9841236008 and 9962968265)


Bhairav, a white male puppy has big, trusting eyes and is hyperactive and friendly. To adopt him, call 9884812086

This ginger kitten and her four friends have been rescued recently. They're up for adoption and are looking forward to new homes. Call 23620664 or 9940373300.


If you would like to help feed a large group of cats who are starving and in urgent need of help, Please email or send an SMS to 98840 97862.

Hi, I'm Patrick, a 3-year-old Golden Labrador who went missing from my home near Melmaruvathur, Kanjeevaram district. My family is miserable and is desperate to hear from anyone who might have seen me around. Call 09382168697 or 27528171 if you've spotted me. Thanks!

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