Devi is the first to be served. Two stainless steel bowls, one with food and the other with water are placed on the floor. She settles down under the table and gets up every once in a while to put her furry face on her owners’ laps. Bryan Dalton and Anandaroopa love a restaurant that’s nice to their dog. This is their second visit to Crimson Chakra (Gandhinagar), a charming restaurant that’s located in a peaceful, traffic-free area. When the menu cards are passed around, Bryan points to a picture of a paw-print on one of the pages and smiles. “Check with the manager for special treats for your pet.”

The restaurant’s owner Suresh Chandra Menon is a dog-lover. “Pets are members of the family,” he says of his decision to have a separate section for people with dogs. “When we go for a family outing, we should take all the members along.” Menon observes that it’s hard to find a pet-friendly restaurant, and adds that by keeping a separate entrance and seating area for these families, other diners aren’t inconvenienced. There’s also a rule that ensures dogs are on leash and that reservations are made in advance. If the family wants their dog to be taken for a stroll while they eat, they can request the services of a dog-walker. When it’s time to go, Devi and her party of eight shuffle out through the special exit. Her happydog face says it was a Saturday afternoon well spent.

(For reservations, call 96772-77900)

Hero of the week

Sajini Durairaj nominates Dr. Vasanthi Subramanyam from Santhome for raising four rescued dogs and caring for another two that live on the street. Her latest family member is Ponni, a dog that was found on the street with a festering wound after being tortured by locals. Dr. Vasanthi took her to a vet and adopted her after she was healed.

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