NDTV Bangalore Bureau Chief Maya Sharma’s favourite tale is the one where a man picks up one beached starfish after another and flings them into the ocean to save their lives. Asked how he could possibly make a difference to the hundreds that lay helpless on the shore, he tossed another into the ocean and responded- “Made a difference to that one”.

Maya met Jogi when he was a homeless puppy that joined her for walks. “He was a free-range pup”, she laughs. The fragility of an orphaned pup’s life became evident when Jogi was hit by a motorbike and later bitten by a poisonous snake. “My husband rushed him to a vet”, says Maya adding that they had to wait and watch what happened next. Luckily, he recovered both from the bite and a bout of distemper. They decided to bring him home and raise him as their pet.

“The Animal Birth Control programme has to happen on a war footing to get the numbers down”, says the journalist who recently found homes for six street pups. In the meantime, she observes positive trends such as successful adoption camps that result in many homeless pups being taken off the streets. “A dog is still considered a status symbol”, she says. “I’m baffled when people continue to buy dogs when there are so many adorable pups that need protection”. She calls Jogi a gentle soul, a sweetheart and a fantastic dancer. “When we pick up the leash to take him for a walk, he does a canine break-dance”, she says. There are hundreds of pups much like Jogi who are not as fortunate, or at least not yet, but as the saying goes, she made a difference – to that one.

(To adopt a homeless vaccinated puppy, visit the Blue Cross adoption camp this Sunday, Sep 11th, 3 – 6 pm at CP Arts Centre, 1, Eldams Road, Alwarpet. Call 9176927917 or 9092425070 for more details)

HERO OF THE WEEK Sujatha Anand nominates a watchman Sundaram and his wife for feeding four dogs two meals a day and also finding homes for four street puppies.

HOLD MY PAW Hi! I'm Ono, a male kitten. A scooter ran-over my hind legs. I've recovered fully and have just a slight limp. But I'm a fast runner and am the naughtiest kitten you'll ever meet. To adopt me, call 9840411759

TAKE ME HOME Lizzy is a one-year-old female Pomeranian who is healthy and vaccinated (she was found in T Nagar). She gets along with other dogs and is looking for a family. Call 9566259443 for details. Visit lostnfoundpets.tk for a full list of lost and found pets in Chennai.

TAKE ME HOME These pretty siblings were rescued when they were very young and are being fostered by a family that is leaving the country soon. To adopt them, call 98840 06190 or 9444902337


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