Two is better than one: Kittens are always seen in pairs or groups, for they love the company, enjoy mock fights and play together. They hope all their humans will figure out what they've known forever – being social means being happy.

Goodbye, insomnia: Kittens don't believe in tossing and turning and fretting about the day's disasters or tomorrow's worries. Sure, they have complicated lives too with cat dynamics and imminent dangers but when they decide to get some shut-eye, that's exactly what they'll do. All problems will be dealt with after that. They'll have you know that you can watch them and see how it's done.

Function over appearance: You might have picked a shiny, new kitty basket for them to curl up in and even placed it in their usual spot as a suggestion. However, a discarded computer carton becomes their new haven. Their logic? It serves the purpose better and sometimes, that's all is needed.

Relationships first: Kittens hate it when you ignore them and send an email or read a boring magazine. They take great pleasure in thwarting your efforts and will lie down on keyboards, books, remote controls whatever else gets in the way of good old-fashioned quality time with them. They think it's just silly to spend precious kitten-time on office work or reruns of Seinfeld.

All play and some work: When they're not busy doing kitten chores like grooming or sharpening their claws, they're seen playing with any object that catches their fancy. Crumpled paper, discarded gift-wrap ribbons and bookmarks are all ready-to-use toys. They don't keep score and merely wind up when they're exhausted and believe that the best workouts are those that happen incidentally, during the game.

(To adopt healthy, affectionate kittens in pairs, call 9381050221 or 9841236008)


Hello all! I've been named Holly since I was rescued on Christmas Eve. I'm tiny but have a loud, clear voice and find it impossible to stop playing or sit still for a picture. Will you be my Christmas miracle and take me home? Call my friends at 9884149720


Gorgeous Ginger is a female kitten found orphaned and rescued. Her foster family is looking for a nice person who will give Ginger a permanent home. Call 8056031691

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Hari Mohan nominates his mother Nirmala for shielding a few homeless dogs during the recent monsoons. She also feeds them on a regular basis.