A sneak peek into a few entries in a kitten’s diary

I can do that and look even cuter

Today, I caught my humans gushing over a kitten on YouTube – big deal, so the kitty played basketball with a crumpled piece of paper. I did that last week with the grocery bill but no one noticed. I demand a rematch.

Why must they tidy up?

My comfy spot on my human’s home workstation is ruined. She put away the headphones and files. Now all that’s left is a flat surface. Oh well, I guess it’s only a matter of time before the mess builds up again.

Priorities, priorities!

My most faithful human is on thin ice. He ignored me for four hours today. I’ll stick this on his forehead using a post-it: Scratching my left ear is more important than cricket. Playing catch-the-fake-mouse is more important than cricket. Opening the curtains so I can spy on the neighbour’s cat is more important than cricket.

The time has come

The Secret Society of Perfume-hating Cats is all set. We will assemble tomorrow and discuss strategies to get humans to stop using those pungent perfumes and potions. My eyes water at the thought of that ghastly room freshener they brought home last week.

They think I swallowed that tablet

Today that nervous junior vet looked so triumphant after he shoved a pill into my mouth. It was hilarious. Someday I’ll tell him about the secret storage compartment under my tongue where I keep it just until he looks away. That and the fact that when I spit the tablet out, I aim for his pretty carpet. Considering that his boss stuck a needle in me last week while calling me “sweet Mr. Mittens” the whole time in that patronizing voice, I guess we’re even.

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