It’s that time of the year again – the much awaited charity puppy calendars from Bangalore-based NGOs Let’s Live Together and CUPA are here and are up for grabs. The glossy desktop calendars for a cause feature the year’s most adorable animal photos.

The Let’s Live Together calendar is a compilation of 12 puppy welfare commandments – written in a way that’s both memorable and meaningful. “Adopt an Indian dog that needs a home, don’t buy a dog” says February and the text appears along with a picture of a gorgeous bundle of fur with a bright pink tongue – a typical homeless puppy desperate to be loved. Achala Pani, founder of Let’s Live Together is a graphic designer by profession and her skills were put to good use during the making of the calendar. She was recently honoured with the Young Achievers Award 2010 from Brigade Group and Rotary Club Midtown for her service to the country’s animals. Her work on the calendar was one of the reasons she won this prestigious award and the “Achala calendar” as it is popularly known, is a hit across India every year. To order her calendar priced at Rs 200 (plus postage), call her Chennai volunteer at 8754407382 or email

The CUPA (Compassion Unlimited Plus Action) calendar is also eagerly awaited and has already received dozens of pre-orders, because this year’s pictures were taken by noted photographer and artist Ramya Reddy. Ramya’s inspiration was the animals at various shelters, four of whom she adopted herself. The spectacular close-up shots are honest and moving, and highlight the precious connection that humans have always had with pets. This calendar represents CUPA and Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre (WRRC). To order a CUPA / WRRC calendar priced at Rs 200 (plus postage), email or call 09900172527.

Proceeds from sales go to the respective charities and will be used for food and medicine for homeless animals. Feeling generous? Give a New Year gift that promises a better life for the voiceless.


This rescued kitten is called Bubble. She got this name because she's full of energy and is bursting with cheer. Adopt her by calling 9841319183

Four kittens (two are gold and three are black) are pretty, affectionate and healthy. To adopt them and give them a good life, send an SMS with your name to 98404 32233. Their caretaker will call you back tomorrow with details.


T.S. Rajkumar nominates his daughter Shruthi Rajkumar for her kindness towards a homeless dog that gave birth in front of their house. Shruthi regularly feeds the mother and watches over her as she nurses her young. The family is now arranging for the dog's birth control surgery.


Hi, I'm an adult male mongrel and I was found wandering around with my collar on. I've gotten lost and am hoping my owner will see this and come and get me! In the meantime, someone's putting food out for me and asking around. Call 98400 33651 if you're my family. Thanks and paws crossed.