Yamaha launches a children road safety programme

To build a better future of our nation it is essential to look after our children. What they learn today they will carry over tomorrow. Also when a little child picks up something he rushes to share it with his/her parents. The parents in turn are more easily impressed with the little child’s words than any adult’s arguments.

Taking this line of thought Yamaha launched a children's road safety programme arguing that better informed children means safer road and safer lines. Inaugurating the campaign at New Delhi Public School in Delhi, a Yamaha spokesperson, said, “Yamaha has been promoting road safety/safe riding habits since almost five years now. It is a unique social initiative by the company to educate and influence both children and parents about important road safety measures. Also when these kids grow and start driving they will remember what safety tips Yamaha offered them while in school.”

In order to create interest in the kids, Yamaha engaged their brand ambassador Zippy, which amused the kids a lot who were in the age group of 5-7 years. The excited kids shook hands and danced with Zippy before the show concluded. The kids had a fun-filled session.

The kids were taught the importance of wearing helmets, seat belts, crossing the roads on Zebra crossings, not talking on the phone while driving and also getting the vehicles serviced regularly.

This programme is aimed at kids in the age group of 5-12 years but it was felt that the older kids listen carefully but do not carry the message forward whereas the younger ones immediately share, specially with their parents. Yamaha has conducted about two hundred such events pan India in the month of January-February and more than a hundred in April-May 2014.