Sensei Manikandan visited the Shaolin Temple in China and perfected his Kung Fu skills.

Just like children dream to go to the Disneyland a martial arts practitioner's dream would be to visit the Shoalin Temple in China. Sensei Manikandan, a Karate trainer, visited the Shoalin Temple during his one-month trip to China fulfilling his life-long dream.

Sensei Manikandan, founder of Learn to Win, a martial art school, went to China in March this year by availing a loan of Rs. one lakh from a bank. He says: “Though financially I was not ready for the trip, I had always wanted to visit China, which is the birthplace of Kungfu. Having postponed my travel plans for several years, I finally bowed to my wishes to visit China to learn Kungfu and to visit the Shoalin Temple, the temple of martial arts.”

He said that during his visit he underwent rigorous Kungfu training at Yuntai Mountain International Martial Art School, where he practised martial arts for eight hours daily. It was very tough to practise in the sultry weather, as he learned Shoalin sward form and Wushu and some acrobatics training. Mr. Manikandan started training in 1998, when he found that boxing for which he trained for a few months was not his cup of tea.

In 1999 he joined Isshinryu karate along with a different type of martial arts whenever he found an opportunity to learn. He won the 4th Dan black belt in Isshinryu and received the black belt from the Isshinryu karate Master Christopher Chase in December 2009. He also underwent training in Taekwondo, Akido and Kyoshu arts.

Sensei Manikandan wants to learn different types of martial arts and to impart his learning to his students by mixing all the martial arts with Karate.

Mr. Manikandan says his next dream is to go to Okinawa and get his 5th dan black belt next year. He conducts martial arts classes at Mogappair, Virugambakkam, Mandaveli and Kotturpuram. He can be contacted at 8939315155.


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