I studied only till Standard VII and started working in a mithai shop. Later I shifted to selling goggles on the road and have been coming to Khairatabad bridge for 10 years now. My brother Kiran Prakash also sells goggles and is seen near Jalagam Vengal Rao Park. We sell different types of shades and get them in wholesale from Begum Bazaar.

The prices vary from Rs. 99 for a Rayban and Fastrack and Sports comes from Rs. 50.

We are Maharashtrians and live in Sultanshahi, near Charminar. My family includes my parents Anand Rao and Savitri Bai and my brother and sister. My sister is married and lives in Uppuguda.

Every day my routine starts by going to a temple and then I feed the pigeons at Mint compound. By 9 a.m. I am at the Khairatabad bridge waiting for my customers. I am here at the bridge till 5 p.m and sell around 20 pieces everyday which fetches me around Rs. 400.

I have been coming here for 10 years now. Some people ask me why I don’t do a job but I will earn less if I work in an office and if I want to open my own shop, I will have to shell out Rs. 2 lakh as pagadi.

I am happy selling these goggles as I can do my own thing. There is always huge traffic on the bridge and I am under a tree in a corner trying to attract potential customers especially those riding two-wheelers. Wearing the shades protects one from the sun and dust and the rates are affordable. The winter months were not so good for the business but in summer, I hope to sell more.

I am not yet married and a pandit has told that I have to get married before May and he mentioned that my brother’s good time starts after May and then he will get married.

I do not have many dreams. I just hope to sell many goggles and have a good life.