Green initiatives mark Earth Day in the city

The Earth Day is past us and so are the perfunctory events and celebrations. Until World Environment Day comes calling in June, it remains to be seen how many initiatives kick started on Earth Day will hold momentum.

Star hotels like Novotel, Shamshabad, marked the occasion with tree planting ceremonies and vouched to recycle waste. The Park, a swanky new seven-star hotel, opened its doors to Hyderabad and highlighted its LEED Gold certification for being eco-friendly.

Zero waste

The Hermitage Complex at Nampally became the first zero waste building in the city and acquired a stamp of approval from the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority for the same. Inside Hermitage Complex, we noticed prominently placed dustbins in five colours, on each floor. The initiative, mooted by Goethe Zentrum and lapped up by other government offices in the complex, requires waste to be segregated into five categories — dry paper from offices into the white bin, plastic and paper coffee cups into blue, compost into green, glass into yellow and e-waste into black bins. The organisation is looking for takers to recycle glass and e-wastes. On display at Goethe Zentrum are paintings and sculptures made from recycled paper by Warangal artist Ch. Manohar.

Re-use kitchen water

Going green begins from home. Naresh Kumar, a resident of Marredpally, recalls how his father would meticulously water the trees in front of his house. “We tend to throw away water with which we wash our rice and greens. The water, rich in vitamins and minerals, is good for plants. I've seen how the plants benefited from a regular supply of this water. Today, the trees are huge and give us ample shade,” he says. Naresh, in turn, has prodded other residents to adopt the practice. At his office complex and the Freemason Lodge, Secunderabad, visitors are greeted by banners urging them to plant trees.