ORIGIN: Formed in 2007, Theruvora Pravarthaka Association (TPA) is a city-based organisation that provides support, care and rescues the deserted, sick and dying on the streets, the activities of which are chiefly steered by Murukan S. Theruvora, a young man familiar with life on the streets and in the city’s shelter homes.

Murukan, an autorickshaw driver, had spent a major part of his childhood in various shelter homes and orphanages. As a teenager Murukan was convinced that the remaining years of his life would be spent serving the needy. The experience that he had gathered as a volunteer of Childline for six years, and two years as its team member,instilled confidence in him.

The TPA is managed by a 11 member governing council which has Justice (retd.) D. Sreedevi as its patron and social activist Monamma Kokkad as its chairperson.

ACTIVITIES: The activities of Theruvora Pravarthaka Association are not driven by any hard and fast rule. It could be any abandoned person- mentally deranged, sick, physically disabled, injured person or a person suffering from old age related ailments. On being tipped off Theruvora Pravarthaka Association plunges into action. The services of the Association have often been lauded by the police department, city administration and the general public too.

“There are hardly any organisations in the city that rescue and provide help to the sick and dying on our streets. And we have been doing it in a humble manner for the past several years, thanks to the wholehearted support of hospitals and a compassionate few,” remarks Murukan.

IMPACT:Over a period of five years, the volunteers (most of whom grew up as street children of Kochi) of Theruvora Pravarthaka Association led by Murukan have been able to either provide help to the needy or rescue the sick. The Association has also made a significant contribution in reducing child labour in the city.

Timely intervention by the organisation has given a new lease of life to many. The sick were able to recoup their mental and physical health, the estranged reunited with their families and children were rescued from worksites. Now, the Association is looking forward to starting a 24-hour helpline to reach out more effectively to the distressed and needy.

GETTING IN TOUCH:To get in touch with or to avail the services of Theruvora Pravarthaka Association call 9846051098 (General Secretary) or Email: theruvoram@gmail.com