Try these oh-so-simple tricks to look gorgeous and glowing this spring

Is your skin patchy and blotchy from the alternating waves of scorching sunshine and chill breeze? Don’t let the fluctuating weather stop you from looking your best. Try these oh-so-simple tricks to look gorgeous and glowing this spring.

Keeping up the same old cleanse-tone-moisturise routine? With changing temperatures, you need to mix it up. If you’ve got oily skin that starts breaking out when the mercury soars, amp up toner and tone down the moisturiser. If you are a dry-skinned diva, use a cleanser two to three times a day to keep zits at bay.

Drying out? It is worthwhile to swap out your regular face cream for a heavy-duty night cream. Or, you could try the real thing — a teaspoon of full-fat milk once a day works well as a natural cleanser, sans the chemicals that irritate your skin. Even if you’ve got oily skin, keep a lookout for signs of dryness: skin that feels stretched or taut; or whitish, powdery patches (especially around the mouth) are signs that you need to trade in your oil-zapping formulations for a something milder.

Experiment with different products to find the perfect moisturizer to keep your skin fabulous year-round. Remember, thanks to global warming and radical climate changes, each season is different from the next, so the stuff that worked like a charm last year may be too strong or too weak to battle the ravages of the elements this year.

Oh, and speaking of moisturizer, don’t neglect your arms and legs, either. Rough, chalky-looking arms can so spoil your carefully put-together look! Listen to what grandma says – at least once a month, massage your arms and legs with warming sesame seed oil or super-moisturising coconut oil and let the oil seep in for an hour or so before your bath.

Hands tend to develop hang-nails and sustain cuticle damage due to dryness, too, especially when the season’s turning and the weather vacillates from hot to cold and dehydrating to damp. Coat your mitts with hand cream and slip on some cotton gloves for an hour or two (the kind women use when driving a two-wheeler will do just fine) to lock in the moisture.

And don’t forget makeup. Invest in a good-quality foundation with nourishing ingredients and SPF protection to look pretty and protect your skin at the same time. For fair-skinned femmes pink blush is great for a wholesome, rosy-cheeked effect. Olive-skinned divas can highlight those gorgeous mocha tones in their skin with bronzer mixed with a hint of shimmer. Pick fresh, fruity lip-colours and top your pout with a hint of gloss to enhance that dewy spring glow. Opt for soft pinks and corals for an ethereal look, or go with scarlet, claret and grape or strong wine hues to exude powerful femininity. Spring is in the air. And when all of nature is blossoming and beautiful, why should you be left behind? Enjoy the gifts of the season to the hilt with radiant skin that celebrates the joy of springtime!