From the puzzled tilt of the head to the post-bath surge in energy, here’s a list of actions and traits that define our best friends:

The head tilt – From puppies to old dogs, all pooches feel the need to tilt their heads when they need to concentrate. So whether it’s a strange noise from the basement or a multiple choice question posed to them by their humans (Hungry? Walk? Car?), they’ll unravel it after analysing it from a different angle. Keep a camera handy and wait for the next puzzled tilt.

They wait up for you – However late you might be when you turn the key downstairs, rest assured that your canine roommate will be eagerly waiting at the other side of that door. They don’t mind if you’re a few hours late, for they believe that the evening meet-and-greet is a wonderful occasion either way.

The post-bath whirlwind – Ever gave a dog a bath only to have him run out into the garden seconds later and roll over in the nearest muddy patch? Blame the post-bath surge in energy that strikes them all. Get ready for a second attempt at making them squeaky clean.

They’re always a step ahead of you – They learn quickly, about how to rest their heads on pillows like people, and that the doorbell is a call to action. They understand pretty much everything you say and some key words put them on red alert. Go ahead and start spelling the words but you’ll soon find that they can crack that code too, and that they’ll dash off when they hear you whisper V-E-T.

Their impatience – A dog is always in a tearing hurry to have a good time. They skid around or pace back and forth with tails on overdrive as you lace up your shoes for a walk, or sidle up to the kitchen counter and then bark authoritatively if someone’s forgotten that it’s time for puppy treats. They teach their human companions a thing or two about looking forward to the little joys of life.