When we invited readers to tell us what makes them interesting, the response was overwhelming. It looks like the city is brimming with people with a plethora of interests. Here’s Skyla on what life means to her…


Assistant Professor of English, Info Institute of Engineering

When it comes to expressing about the “self” I don’t know where to begin. I am passionate about living. To me life is nothing but experiences, big and small. Everything is significant to me; sometimes nothing is.

My work gives me joy. I love discussing everything under the sun with my students. It is amazing what a group of teenagers can do. They inspire me to get better at what I do. More than lessons of the language, it is the lessons of life that are valuable and we exchange that in class. Education infused with life skills is what we need. In one class I played music videos with lyrics and all the girls sang along Desree’s “Gotta be strong”, and the boys Jon Bon Jovi’s “It’s my life. “ My job becomes easy when I make a connection with them.

My other interests are the movies. I watch all genres in all languages, though I prefer the good old movies such as The Descendents and Django Unchained. It is the movie experience that counts more the movie itself.

I sometimes feel my love for animals exceeds the love for my own race. I owe that to my dad. He showed me how a human being can embrace all creatures. Our home looked like a mini zoo with pigeons, guinea pigs, rabbits, and different breeds of dogs.

Food is my other passion. I have become a vegan recently so though I am no expert in cooking, I found an alternative for chocolates and ice cream. I make them at home with coconut milk.

Swimming is like meditation to me, it can put my mind in a state of trance.

I am very outdoorsy. I have rappelled and gone kayaking. Being a single mom of a seven-year-old girl, I am passionate about life with all its unexplainable ups and downs and twists and turns. Life becomes more beautiful if we keep busy doing what we love.

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Mind over bodyJune 18, 2014