When Sudhersena Alalasundaram comes home from work everyday, the first person to greet her is her three-legged cat Tiger who she says “appears out of nowhere, rolls on the floor and starts a conversation.” Tiger was adopted as an adult cat from Blue Cross two years ago and has been her faithful companion ever since.

Several cats like Tiger do not find homes due to misconceptions people have about adopting adult animals. Says Sudhersena, who dispels these myths — “There is no difference between adopting them as kittens or adults.” She cites examples of people who have chosen to bring home grown-up cats that have adjusted well to their new environment, and adds that if you are time-starved, they might even be easier to have as pets. “Unlike kittens, they don’t require careful monitoring,” she says.

Giresh Nair adopted his cat Kitty who showed up at his parents’ house in 2008. “She would alert my mother through the kitchen window whenever she was hungry,” he says. “She moved in with us and stayed in the stairway. We gradually managed to win her trust and helped her move indoor.”

“Grown-up or not, cats and dogs are always happy to have a loving human companion. And when they don’t care how old, young, messy or presentable we are, why should we waste time on those thoughts and hold our love back,” asks Giresh.

(To adopt an adult cat, call 9381050221. They are all spayed/neutered and vaccinated)