Before she falls asleep, Berry likes to be tucked in with a good night wish. And during the day, she strikes a balance between an alert guardian of the house she lives in and taking time off to ask for cuddles on her foster parents’ laps. “She’s such an amazing dog,” says Nirmiti Barot who has been caring for the sweet-tempered mongrel for the past few months, while she looks for an adoptive home for her. Nirmiti’s friend Sudiksha Dutta Gupta was the good Samaritan who rescued Berry and her siblings when they were just a month old and in grave danger. “She was part of a litter of seven,” recalls Sudiksha. “I heard that two had gotten run over on the busy street they were born in. I rescued the other five. Berry’s two brothers and sisters have found homes.”

Nirmiti reveals that the reason Berry (who is now a healthy 9-month-old) wasn’t as lucky with adoption as her four siblings, is that she was tall for her age as a puppy, and people were hesitant to adopt a larger puppy. “Even an adult dog will bond with you when shown love. She’s so adaptable that she won’t mind even a tiny apartment as long as she has a family. She’s comfortable with both children and senior citizens, and loves other dogs,” she says, based on her own experience. Sudiksha and Nirmiti have seen her through her toilet-training and teething stages. They also took care of her birth control surgery.

She believes that dogs are valuable members of the family, with much to offer their human companions. “A dog teaches you patience and understanding,” says Nirmiti. “They are stress-busters. And people who have dogs around them tend to smile more.”

To adopt Berry who is spayed and up to date on her vaccinations, call 9940686471 or 9962916903. Her records will be provided to her new family upon adoption.