Adopting a young adult or adolescent puppy could be a great idea for first-time dog owners or people who love dogs, but whose schedules might not permit the full-time supervision that a younger pup generally needs. Young adult pups, aged between six months and 18 months, have outgrown the teething stage, their meal times are more regular and they are toilet-trained. These pups are also accustomed to walking on a leash.

S Venkatesh Kumar, who adopted an eight-month-old Indian puppy earlier this year, is delighted with his decision. “Raja is very affectionate,” he says of his rescued pup. Venkatesh dismisses the misconception that a young adult pup will take time to adapt to a new home, and observes that Raja made himself the apple of everyone’s eye in no time. He narrates incidents where people adopt young pups and then abandon them when they’ve outgrown that initial stage, and believes Raja was one such pup. “I hope that people come forward to adopt these pups too.”

Sumita Pai who rescued Beach Boy (seen in picture) with her two friends echoes the sentiment that adolescent pups make lovable pets. Her friends spotted the handsome cross-breed dog at the beach where he was possibly abandoned as he seemed skittish and disoriented. They rescued, vaccinated and neutered him and within days, he became trusting and exuberant. “He loves people,” says Sumita who is optimistic about finding the friendly, doe-eyed pup a new home.

Adopting adolescent pups like Raja and Beach Boy helps ensure that these young puppies do not get overlooked on account of their semi-adult status, and that they too find homes that will appreciate the immense love that they have to offer.

To adopt healthy, friendly, vaccinated adolescent pups like the one in this picture, call 9940686471, 9962163567 or 8939311148