A look at Delhi’s roundabouts, which teem with life this time of the year

Life at a crossroads may not be much fun but one of these days, don’t run across the road like your life depended on it. This spring, take some time out to stand and stare. And you will be surprised to see how beautiful Delhi is! More bewitching than at any time of the year, its roundabouts present a soothing sight for the oft-jangled nerves. The grass is lush and green, the sun mild and amenable in its own way. The wind? Well, there is just a breeze that teases many a stray lock, kisses many a youthful cheek. Then there are ever-present silk cotton trees. Leafless, sad and stark till not long ago, they burst to life, their fiery leaves commanding attention. Their canopy burning bright in sunlight, their fallen leaves turning the ground below into a carpet.

Then the vine shows pale green shades. And roses begin to bud. The thorns get less conspicuous. The bougainvillaea plants present a vibrant sight; the koel calls, even the house sparrow struts around. For a few seconds it seems the roundabouts were not meant to be a part of the journey. What if they were the destination!

Won’t life be full of flowers, some scarlet ixora, some bauhinias? Then come the coral, the jacaranda, flame… as day is followed by night, the city stands bathed in moon’s light. The stars, the moon, pay obeisance to the city. Cometh the morning, the dew rests on grass, kisses your feet. Ah! To be in Delhi this spring.


All modes lead homeJune 18, 2014