The highlight of Dr. Sandhya Sadan’s day is when Spotty, a beautiful mongrel, nearly knocks her over with an affectionate head bump. The young dog first found her way to Sandhya’s building a few weeks ago when she was weak and barely able to walk. Sandhya gathered from Spotty’s love for people (and fear of traffic) that she was either an abandoned or missing pet. “She used to rest under a car that was never taken out”, recalls Sandhya. “At first, she used to eat the food we gave her and go back into hiding. But she soon started coming out, and playing hyperactively with me and my husband. She even became protective about the apartments and started barking to alert us about strangers”. After the transformation from terrified pooch to new best friend, there was no looking back for Spotty. Sandhya reports that the gregarious canine is a trusted bodyguard who escorts them when they go for their walks every day. “She hears the sound of our car and comes running towards us, and just loves the attention”, she says, adding with a laugh that Spotty makes herself scarce when it’s bath-time, and that it often involves her needing to chase the feisty dog around with the watering hose to get the job done. Sandhya began to grow anxious for Spotty’s well-being after once finding her injured and limping. “She appeared to have been hit on the leg”, she says. “She’s very scared of vehicles on the street. I thought to myself that if she finds a home, that would be nice – she’s an obedient dog who likes being around people and needs someone who will keep her indoors and take good care of her”. Sandhya believes that Spotty is a watchdog, playmate and shrink all rolled into one, and wants to find her a family that will pamper her and spoil her rotten, in exchange for the doe-eyed dog’s unshakeable loyalty. “They give you love without being asked for it”, she says of the reason they make such great companions. “Those who have dogs are the luckiest people in the world – they are there for you during good times and bad”.

Spotty is vaccinated, has been through birth control surgery and is healthy, friendly and playful. Call 9840095514 to adopt her.