When IT professional Nandita Saha was on her way to her office six months ago, she heard the security person say to his friend anxiously — “That puppy is finished”. She turned around to see a pup dodging large buses that missed him narrowly each time. He had no fur due to a skin infection and was also injured on his head. “I picked him up and kept him in the small security room and then got him treatment at a clinic,” says Nandita who has been a long-time volunteer at Blue Cross. “It took two months for his new fur to grow.”

She named the pup Dusky on account of his black, velvety fur coat and found that he was an exceptionally friendly dog. “He doesn’t like being alone and guards the house faithfully,” says Nandita.

After Dusky was fully healed and vaccinated, Nandita embarked on the task of finding him an adoptive home. While the other puppies she rescued found homes easily, the number of enquiries remained low for Dusky on account of a small fur-less patch on his forehead. “The fur is not going to grow back there because of the depth of the injury,” she says adding that Dusky’s personality wins him admirers who look past the scar.

Nandita believes that if you love an animal and want a companion, looks should not be a problem. “Some of them are born with unusual patterns and others such as Dusky have had injuries that leave scars. But that doesn’t come in the way of them being amazing pets”.

Dusky is now a handsome nine-month-old who’s in great health and with all his shots up to date, and is ready to find a family that will return the love he gives generously. For queries on adoption, call 8939449082

TAKE ME HOME This beautiful three-month-old kitten and siblings are looking for a place to call home. Call 9445050538 for details.