A weekly column on stories that didn’t make it.

At a fancy dinner when connoisseurs of wine got together and discussed the full bodied nature of the wine they were drinking and its viscosity, this reporter put her hand up and asked if she could have a fruit juice instead. So while the bemused gathering toasted with their red wines, she cheerily held up her glass of sunshine yellow Maaza.

Well read

Recently, when this reporter was interviewing an author, he seemed to be particularly upset about an earlier interview given to another publication. He asked this reporter, “Have you done any research on me at all?” To which she replied, “Well, I’ve only read all your books.”

Golden words?

At the launch of a jewellery line, a designer kept making disparaging remarks about gold ornaments. She waxed eloquent about new-age materials and their versatility. Whenever the word 'gold' was mentioned she would harp on safety issues and escalating cost. Reason, she was into making costume jewellery, which she called ‘fashion’ jewellery!