Actor Priyanka Chopra’s diary is full with her international collaborations

Priyanka Chopra has set her sights on international shores. She collaborates with Pitbull for a song and with Disney Toon Studios for the 3D computer-animated, adventure-comedy film Planes. She plays Ishani, the main lead’s romantic interest, a pan-Asian champion from India in the film. The actor talks about the experience:

Why is your new single ‘Exotic’ interspersed with Hindi lyrics?

I like my tracks to reflect my Indian identity. For me, being Indian is very exotic. After Pitbull sent me his lyrics, I suggested to Exotic producer RedOne that we should consider adding some Hindi lines. He agreed. So I quickly wrote the lyrics and sang it to him and he loved it. This is a summer song. We have so much fun in our Hindi movies and songs so the video has Indian-inspired dance steps too.

What are the qualities that make your appeal ‘exotic’?

Let people answer this. I think the fact that I am an Indian makes me very exotic.

How would you describe the song?

The song is a blend of Moroccan, Cuban and Indian cultures.

What was it like to work with an international star like Pitbull?

I like Pitbull as a performer and a musician. He has a great deal of infectious energy and is very talented. He’d come on the sets and make people laugh. He brought alive the song and I loved it. It would be awesome to work with him again.

How long did you rehearse for the song?

I rehearsed a lot less than I would have wanted to. I have a career and I travel. Currently, I am trying to balance two careers so it becomes difficult.

Have you considered taking time off from films to do more music?

No, I am a multi-tasker. I like doing everything together. So I will balance both.

You will also be featuring in Disney Toons’ forthcoming project, Planes.

I love Disney; one of my favourite filmmakers. When they approached me with Planes I thought it was a great idea. I loved Cars and I loved the fact that they were planning to extend the concept with Planes. My character, Ishani, is a pan-Asian champion from India and the romantic interest of the main lead.