With designer furniture, colourful accessories and customised interiors, children’s room are the latest style statements

For many families now, the drawing room is no longer the best decorated place in the house. A designer children’s bedroom is the new trend. Vinita, mother of four-year-old Pihu, believes “children must have their own special room. It gives them privacy and sense of belonging.”

Well, time spent in their little kingdom implies that the room should have a well-designed bed, a study area, a play area with space for computers, musical instruments, electronic gizmos and of course, toys.

Take five-year-old Ankit’s room. It has a double box-bed with a storage and display unit for his collection of books, cars and bikes. The headboard is made of stimulated leather, sleek and with modern upholstery. On either side of the bed is a cupboard painted with his favourite cartoon characters.

Designers prefer vibrant colours to suit children’s tastes. Mumbai-based interior designer Gagan Kumar Singh says, “Whenever I have to design a child’s room, I prefer to sit with the children and discuss what they want. They are quiet clear about their preferences. The cost of designing usually starts at Rs. 1.5 lakhs upward.”

Swati recently designed the rooms for her two daughters. The attraction is the bunk bed that is shaped like an elephant. “I love animals and when I sit on my bed, it is like taking a ride on an elephant,” says six-year-old Ria. Pencil shaped cupboards, chairs designed like a school bag, a Jacuzzi instead of tubs, florescent walls… imagination can run wild.

With a rise in nuclear families and parents spending most time out of their homes, they pamper their children, and a well-designed bedroom becomes a haven for children.