Tamkanat Gallery has something to suit all art lovers

Fawad Tamkanat’s gallery at Banjara Petals in Banjara Hills is a new one and the nearly 100 canvases on display there are the works contributed by artists. They vary in theme, presentation and the subject. More than 60 artists have showcased their work in the gallery and Fawad says he has encouraged almost all the artists to bring work beyond regional landscapes and the usual portraits of village belles.

“The idea is to create something new each time an artist showcases his work. Art lovers shouldn’t feel there is a repetition , so I have discouraged the usual ideas,” says Fawad. As a result the gallery can boast of variety in self portraits, abstract, modern themes, dot painting merged with acrylic work and pen drawings as well. Besides the well-known names there are a few new artists who have showcased their work. And the response, Fawad says, “is very good. These artists are young and so they have a fresh perspective and approach to art. While some of us painted to show agony and hardships by painting human forms, the fresher breed has a new take in presenting society. Use of words, sentences, quotes against a picturesque background shows the beauty of their works. The other artists have chosen to use glass and wood to give a visual relief,” explains Fawad. The other concern of Fawad as an artist and gallery owner is to help the artists sell. “Keeping the affordability factor in mind, I commissioned works with a particular size so that pricing can be kept reasonable,” explains Fawad.