Change of Role

Kangna Ranaut has decided to go behind the camera for a change. The actress has recently completed her first short film written in collaboration with an Australian writer and shot in Los Angeles. Her international project has an all-American cast and is about a young boy and a dog. Apparently, so passionate was the actress about her directorial debut that she even attended a workshop in child psychology to connect with the child artist! Says Kangna, “Kaden (the boy) is very young. We had to place hidden cameras, play games, and pretend to be aliens and trees in order to get him in the frame! But it was fun, he is adorable. The dog was well-trained and not difficult to work with”.

Sweet Interludes

Ranbir Kapoor may be hearing and speech impaired in the forthcoming film Barfi!, but what’s a Bollywood film without its song and dance? The title track ‘Aala re Barfi’ in the film has been picturised on Ranbir! Of course, all the songs play out in the background. The actor has got his most favourite singer (also his lucky charm) Mohit Chauhan as his ‘voice’ in the film. The two had earlier collaborated for Rockstar. Rockstar