Saradha Ramanathan’s Sringaram may have won National awards, but she continues to remain an unknown figure as far as the Tamil film industry is concerned. After almost six years, her next directorial venture, Puthiya Thiruppangal starring Nandha, Andrea and Dharini, is ready for release this April. A film about child trafficking, Puthiya Thiruppangal, she believes, will strike a chord with the audience. Though she has dealt with a sensitive issue, she underlines that it’s “a commercial film.” Is she not worried about trivialising the issue? “No. In fact, I feel such issues need to be highlighted in mainstream films so that they reach a lot of people,” she says.

Commercial detour

At the audio launch of his upcoming film Netru Indru, director Padmamagan recalled how he, after the failure of his first film Ammuvaagiya Naan, struggled to find a producer for his next venture as it revolved around a 7-year-old boy. After spending two frustrating years, he decided to produce and direct Netru Indru, an out-and-out commercial film. He hoped that the money he would earn from films such as Netru Indru could be used to make the meaningful cinema he aspired to. Netru Indru features Vemal, Richard, Arundhathi and Mano Chitra. Prasanna has made a guest appearance.

No holding back

Manivannan’s Amaidhipadai, a political satire which released almost two decades ago, is a film that’s still relevant. This month, its sequel, titled Nagaraja Cholan MA MLA, is expected to release throughout Tamil Nadu. While promising that the film will not hold back its punches, director Manivannan assures that it will not target any particular political party or leader. “Being a political film, it’s only natural that politicians will be criticised. But we have not targeted anyone in particular,” says Manivannan. Nagaraja Cholan MA MLA features Sathyaraj, Seeman, Mridula and Komal in lead roles.