Safety lockers to nail shiners, snazzy cars to slimming coffee powder… The ongoing The Hindu MetroPlus Lifestyle Show has stuff you wouldn't want to go home without!

If you are a shopaholic, the Hindu MetroPlus Lifestyle Show is heaven — only instead of angels and cupids gliding about, there are rows and rows of stalls. Spread over 1,20,000 sq.ft., this shopping extravaganza is your one-stop shop for almost all your material needs. So, three friends — one on a mission to do up her new house, the other who dislikes shopping, and me, a compulsive shopper — set off.

Style statement

The thematic display of furniture catches our attention. The Ekbote stall resembles a snug cottage with a drawing room, and a dining that has a table replete with Chinese style teapot and mugs. The options for couches, tables and beds (kids, check out the bunk beds!) are many. A dining table even has the Mercedes logo.

Too lazy to set off on a camp? The outdoor furniture section — with garden chairs, swings, gazebos and camping chairs — has the answer. Just get one of these camping chairs, and a compass from another stall nearby and sit under the gazebo and pretend you are away camping in the wild. And, if it gets too dark you can use on of the solar- powered torches, or the unique fireless candles Krishna Impex has in store. Available in yummy fragrances of apple, lemon and vanilla, these battery-operated candles are great for mood lighting.

Just across is Deyali from Kolkata, with gorgeous porcelain figurines in all shapes and sizes. Making a vow to come back, we proceed to The Style Saintz from Delhi. No chic saints in designer robes here, but an amazing variety of trays, bowls, glasses and vases in psychedelic hues, made of aluminium and brass with silver coating.

Making its debut this year is the National Jute Board. Around 15 jute entrepreneurs sponsored by the Board have showcased handicrafts, wall hangings, trendy bags, jute dress materials and mill-made products. Eco-friendly and easy to maintain, they sure make a style statement.

The assortment at the Show is simply mind-boggling — safety lockers, cameras, double-door refrigerators and washing machines snootily overlooking floral decorations and paintings, and body massage chairs and saris jostling with instant rangoli stencils and 26 varieties of pickles from Rajasthan. And, sitting right on top of the price list are the vehicles.

The majestic white Honda Jazz seems to be flexing its muscles at the new electric-blue Nissan Micra that looks like a style diva.

Our next stop is Siam Korano Co from Thailand. The store is neatly stacked with bags, clutches and pouches in hot pink and every possible colour of the rainbow. This year the Thai Pavilion has more choice than the previous editions — right from nail shiners, toys and slimming coffee powder to jewellery and paper decorative items.

Nearly five hours and many iced peach teas later, we drag ourselves out. “I still have to pick up water curtains for my new house,” the friend says. . The sheepish-looking non-shopaholic, is lugging three bags of purchases. Ah, the fragrance of new objects — it can make even non-enthusiastic shoppers reach out for a thing or too. So, what are you waiting for?

The MetroPlus Lifestyle Show is on till June 7 at the Chennai Trade Centre from 10 a.m. to 8.30 p.m., and the entry fee is Rs. 50 for a person.

Samsung is the main sponsor of the event for the sixth consecutive year. The co-sponsors are Toshiba, Canon, Shreenivas Silks and Sarees, Sun Direct DTH, Tata Motors, SME-Thailand Pavilion Packaging Products, Propshell Business Solutions. I Ads & Events, a subsidiary of Icare Communication, Bangalore, is the Event Partner.


Priyadarshini PaitandyJune 28, 2012