Shopping: The 100th Canon Image Square Store offers an interesting experience

Henri Cartier-Bresson, father of modern photojournalism once said, “For me, the camera is a sketch book, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity.”

He is right — a good camera manages to capture that single moment that defines an experience effectively leaving behind a sense of déjà-vu every time you look at that perfectly clicked picture.

The 100th Canon Image Square in Bangalore is all about celebrating the versatility of this instrument. Located at the corner of Brigade and MG Road, the store boasts of a wide range of point and shoot cameras, D-SLRs, camcorders and lenses. Spread over and area of 500 square feet, the cameras are arranged and displayed in a way that offers customers easy access and insight into their various features.

According to Alok Bharadwaj, Executive Vice President, Canon India, “The most important experience and application of photography is not the product but the features.”

Keeping that in mind, the store provides a structured training program for first-time users introducing them to the various features of their camera.

In addition to the cameras, there are also Inkjet and laser printers and consumables. One interesting thing available is the Wi-fi camera that enables images to be transferred directly from the camera to the mobile or the printer.

“There are totally 65 models showcased in this store,” says Alok. “40 cameras and 25 printers,” he says adding that every product incorporated the latest of technology. “Social networking has been a huge catalyst in getting people interested in photography,” he adds. “Now days everyone wants to capture share and see pictures. “

The showroom is located on MG Road. Call 9900045162 / 9538372882 for further details