Anjanna Kuthiala paid tribute to the brilliance of certain women whose portraits she painted

At a recent art event where stills met moving pictures, Vidya Balan unveiled her painting made by Anjanna Kuthiala, while Avantika Malik, actor Imran Khan's wife, unveiled the painting of her mother Vandana Malik.

The event, called A Tribute to Womanhood, was designed to celebrate a woman's inherent mystique, shakti, talents and abilities. The endeavour was to applaud women from different walks of life, who have contributed to the world as women, mothers, achievers and humanitarians. Said Kuthiala, “These are women whom I connect with at a creative and human level and am inspired to paint and immortalise. They are from diverse professions, and their expertise and amazing creativity in their chosen line of work, makes them extremely inspiring to the artist in me. A few among them are famous, but they are all quite special in their own way.”

The women painted by her include Princess Diya Kumari of Jaipur, designer Pria Kataaria Puri, Saba Ali Khan (jewellery designer and daughter of late Nawab of Pataudi and Sharmila Tagore), entrepreneur Sheetal Ansal Archana Sood (Head of U.N.AID, Nigeria), among others.