Anil Kapoor has fond feelings for the city, thanks to his debut feature being in Kannada

Does the fact that Anil Kapoor now owns a villa in Yelahanka, mean that he will now be more visible in Southern screens? “I started my career here, my first film was a Kannada film, Pallavi Anu Pallavi, so I have an old association with the city. A lot of my films released here have done extremely well, even at times when some of films in the North didn’t do very well. And my work in the South really helped me with my Hindi career. So I’m sentimental about Bangalore. I’d love to produce a Kannada film, but at the moment, I am focusing on my Hindi and international career,” he said at the launch of Sammy's Dreamland Limited’s The Grand Palace Villa Project and The Hotel Wyndham Grand.

What he is focusing on at the moment is his production of the Indian version of the American show 24, where he played the role of President Hassan in the eighth season. Anil will play the protagonist, Jack Bauer, in the Indian version. Through the show, Anil, says, he hopes people will get entertainment that is worth the effort and the money.

“That is why we try to bring the best of both worlds in our work. I am looking forward to the show, I am really passionate about it. I travel all over the world and try to mix the best of the West— their discipline, professionalism and logistics with what we have here, the culture and trust,” he explains. “I called the team of 24 to take this workshop on adapting out working system with the West. The working system over there is something we should all learn from, everything happens on time with preparation. They don’t leave everything to the last at the same time they will also get to learn a few things from us.”

He sounded quite upbeat about his daughter Sonam’s upcoming film Raanjhanaa that will launch South star Dhanush in Hindi cinema.

“The rushes are fantastic. The music is absolutely spiritual and pure, A.R.Rahman is at his best. It is a love story with fabulous music, it is raw and earthy and I’m also amazed to see how Rahman being from south has adapted himself to the film, which is based in Benares.” Asked about what he feels about Sonam’s interest in eventually directing a film, Anil said he would be quite proud of his daughter if she did it. “She started her career as an assistant to Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Direction is a tough job and I think lady directors today are making such wonderful films. Zoya has made a fantastic film in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Nithya who has directed a few episodes from 24 has done a fabulous job. Raj Kapoor used to multitask, he could write and direct and act, and I think the time has come for a woman who can be a top actor as well as a top director.”

Anil himself has spent a long time in the industry and is still going strong with films like Shootout at Wadala having released this year. “I am in my fourth decade in the industry. I love my job and I am positive about it. And that is also my fitness mantra. I think the mind is the most important thing because if your mind is not positive then you harbour negativity and it affects your body. If you keep a good physique and don’t have positive attitude, it won’t last. But with just one hour of exercise five to six days a week combined with a positive frame of mind I think you’ll be fit in the long term and also live longer.”