When Jayshree R, an employee with a shipping company came home from work one day, she found a German Shepherd lying at her doorstep. “I didn’t know whose dog she was”, says Jayshree who finds that the absence of microchips or ID tags makes it hard to identify a dog’s owner. “When she saw me, she started whimpering and wagging her tail instantly”, she says. Jayshree who has rescued and re-homed several of these pets observes that some of these dogs are missing pets, while others are abandoned by breeders.

She found a forever home for the German Shepherd with her friend Wendy Johnston. Wendy renamed the dog Angel and took her into her home where she is now a much-pampered family member. “There are some loving souls out there who are ready to take in fully grown dogs”, says Jayshree, who has now rescued a lively one-year-old Terrier cross who is ready for adoption.

Rani Radhakrishnan who recently rescued a pet Pomeranian that was found on her street agrees that adult dogs are quick to return the affection shown to them. “They adjust easily with new owners. This Pomeranian, for example, is very friendly.

Jayshree urges people who adopt dogs to be committed to their pet in the long run. “Children sometimes want pets during vacation time. And then school starts and the parents might feel that the effort is too much. There are also those who get dogs but don’t vaccinate them, saying that it’s not important. But vaccination is essential for them to survive. They’re members of the family and should be treated as such”.

Sharmila Gautama who rescued a seven-month-old female Dalmation cross with a help of a tea-stall owner finds that these dogs are eager to form lasting ties with people. “In just five days, she has started playing with my other dogs and is so friendly with people. She’s very calm, docile and confident. I’m sure that she will find a new home soon”.

To adopt one of the rescues in the story at no cost, or if they are your missing pets, call these numbers –97909 04326 (Pomeranian cross), 98841 02162 (Terrier cross, seen in picture), 96000 96110 (Dalmation cross). All the dogs have been vaccinated and records will be provided to the new owners.

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  • Ginger is a three-month-old male kitten who's affectionate and friendly. To adopt him or his beautiful tricolour friend, call 9381050221 or 9176843133
  • This lovely Indian pup called Shadow and her sister are healthy, affectionate and friendly. Call 8939449082
  • This Indian puppy is dewormed, healthy and ready for adoption as are his siblings. Call 9176223756
  • This lovely Indian female pup is vaccinated, active and playful. Call 90032 61848
  • Seven-month-old Tipsy is a healthy Indian female pup who's been spayed and vaccinated. Call 98410 40833
  • Thomas, a young Indian cat lost a leg last month but is brave and philosophical about the loss. He is calm, affectionate and loves people. Call 94450 11904 to adopt him.

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