It is raining Mojitos in the city, each one better than the other

Drink it up; after all it’s summer; and on offer are mojitos, with each flavour better than the other. Offering a lot of scope to experiment, the latest mojitos are going beyond the traditional crushed lemon and mint leaves to woo customers. The look and flavour are all that matter.

When it comes to experimenting with new flavours, bar tenders are putting all their skills to test. Kishore Kumar, outlet manager at Tabla Terrace offers a mojito with bell peppers and assures sweetness out of bell peppers. “Remove the seeds and use the only the skin and flesh, it is muddled as usual with sugar but not squashed. Top it with 45 ml of vodka and serve with an aerated drink,” he explains, adding, “Another successful experiment is the ginger mojito; regular club hoppers and diners are loving it,” says award winning mixologist popular as KK. His word of advice: “If you are 18-years-old and want to try a drink, go for a Mojito and you will reach out for the second one.”

Are virgin mojitos’ completely out or are they simply left behind in the crowded mojito mela? Certainly not, it has its limited uses. “Cut the spirit out of the mojito and it is virgin. So if someone is trying to avoid alcohol, we don’t have to restrict them to a fresh lime or a juice or a mocktail. Any of the fancy mojitos can be presented as a virgin,” smile KK.

A good reason for the popularity of the mojito is that it eschews dairy products that make make one feel heavy and lethargic. The fruity flavours refresh the body and since it is light, it is easy on our body.

There’s no limit to experiments; just as every drink has its own character, every bar tender adds glamour with his imagination. It isn’t always about being whacky, the trick is to keep the drink simple and let the customers keep guessing. That’s what happens with the Tom Yum served at Oriental bar in the Park Hyatt. “Their collection of mojitos is signature style and stick to the theme of the restaurant,” says a regular. Is that how the Peaty Lemongrass and Plum tonic find their fans ? The Peaty Lemongrass turns out to be a complex drink, “but the Plum Tonic isn’t. As summer is all about using fresh ingredients and flavours we are making the best use of freshly available fruits and flavours. To it we add the southeast Asian flavours and create quite a magic in our drinks,” explains Mohit Malhotra, executive assistant manager, food and beverage at Park Hyatt.

Trident is going the extram mile by adding exotica to freshness. “That’s what our customers say about our caramel and pineapple mojito on our Mojito Saturdays. Watermelon basil, litchi, passion fruit, pomegranate — the options are too many for anyone to refuse; with or without alcohol,” says Amit Kandwal.