Spectators will get a bonus with cricket today, music by the popular bands of the State

One lakh twenty thousand watts of thrilling sound is going to burst forth at the much awaited opening match of IPL in the city. It's going to be cricket and great music as home team Kochi Tuskers Kerala (KTK) vs. Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) face each other on April 9. The bands are ready and raring to go.

Savio Mendez co-coordinating the music and in charge of stadium entertainment says that he is there to provide peppy and energising music, ‘something different and special.' And so for the event he has lined up five bands to play and entertain in the four hours of action where the crowd will get an ace match to watch and great music to enjoy. His music group, Free Formation comprising Carl Frenais, Sonu and himself has made the IPL tune and will play along with the cheers of a four or a six.

He says that his brief was to ensure great music for the young and so he charted a plan to have the best of bands from across Kerala. “Kochi and Kerala have the best bands. It is the home ground for such music,” says Savio adding that out of the five bands two will play compositions of their own. To attract the youth and to enjoy the music the stadium gates will be opened at 4.30 p.m. and the bands will play till the official opening.

The first band to strike up will be the five piece band -The Backwater Blues, from the city. They will play Pink Floyd - Coming Back to Life - followed by their own composition, The Roar of the Tuskers. The bands are so charged with enthusiasm that The Back Water Blues has created a new genre called Raga Blues, which you will get to enjoy at the event. The band comprises Rizwan Razack, vocalist, Ajoy Jose on keyboard, Vimal Nazar guitar, Renish Basheer bass guitar and Bijoy Joey on the drums.

Singer Justin Fernandez will take over from them and sing from the album, ‘Mama Kuvana', specially made for the Tuskers. “This song is a mix of Afro music and shingarimelam,” he says. Saptak, a band from Thiruvananthapuram will take the stage next followed by LA Kochi. Free Formation will take it from them till the final ball is bowled.

And so folks can get ready for a great evening of cricket with music and music with cricket and as Justin Fernandez penned these lines, which he will sing, the Tuskers will have the edge playing on a beautiful home ground and an absolutely ardent home crowd.

“Our dreams are in our eyes

Our dreams are on the field

Tuskers are on the field

The battle is on….”

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