TV actor Amit Tandon reveals the secret of his well-toned body

To be lean is not good enough. Not any more. These days a perfectly chiselled body is required to render the look complete. TV actor Amit Tandon realises its importance and hence possesses a well-toned body. But to attain such levels, the actor has followed a proper meal plan and work out regimen.

A self-confessed foodie, he indulges in chocolates and ice-creams occasionally but makes sure to shed the extra calories by working out rigorously. His preference of exercise includes cardio and American boxing. “It is essential for an individual to eat well and work-out even harder,” says Amit, who debuted on the small screen with Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai. He is now featuring in SAB TV’s comedy serial, Jeannie aur Juju where he plays the character of Rahul Chaturvedi, a pilot who struggles to speak fluent English.

His diet consists of an unavoidable intake of whole grain cereals for breakfast everyday, followed by a protein rich diet for the afternoon consisting either of chicken, fish or eggs with salads being a must. Amit usually prefers taking carbohydrates before six in the evening.

Sharing with us a few health tips, the actor says , “Don’t stay away from salads, fresh fruit or juices but include them in your meal plan religiously. Also drink lots of water to detoxify the impurities in one’s body by keeping your skin hydrated at all times.” With a doctor wife at home, one can be sure that Amit follows his own tips dutifully.

Further, on the issue of consuming supplements and steroids to get instant results, the actor says, “Supplements are still okay because they are natural derivatives in concentrated forms but steroids are the worst things to do.One tends to start losing hair, skin begins to sag and becomes dry.”

Also a singer, Amit is undergoing voice training sessions with his teacher Mohammad Tahir. Currently he is training to be in command of his breath for a longer duration which will enable him to hold his notes steadily. According to Amit, it is imperative for a musician to do ‘sur sadhana’ and ‘riyaaz’ regularly otherwise one has to to restart the whole process when you resume after a break.