Bored of the quintessential prince charming dominating the small screen? Oh, it’s time to kiss him goodbye! Evidently, television series today are not anymore about just the man. The women are turning protagonists and how! They take care of their own lives, fight their own demons, and most importantly, make their own decisions. They stop for no one, do as they please, and are certainly no damsels in distress. A snapshot of a few of the television shows with strong women-centric characters

Game Of Thrones

Based on the books by George R.R. Martin, the Game Of Thrones shows the battle for power in the fictional land of Westeros. Despite being set in an era when women were seen as mere objects of pleasure for men, the show has some of the strongest and most realistic portrayals of women. Daenerys Targaryen, for example, is the young queen who wants to reclaim her throne after the brutal murder of her parents years ago. In her quest, she shows exemplary strength and character and decides what she wants, and though she may seem ruthless at times, she is also shown to be loving and kind. Other strong characters include Arya Stark, the young ‘wolf’ who runs away from her captors and doesn’t stop for anyone, and Sansa Stark, her sister, who displays extreme tact in order to survive.

The Walking Dead

Based on the comic series of the same name, it is the story of the survivors of a zombie apocalypse. There are only a few places for these people to go, because at every nook and corner are zombies, who consider human beings food. The women of the show are strong — whether it is managing family in such a grave situation or taking a weapon and fighting alongside the men. None of them backs down without a fight. The development of the characters is tremendous as well — as seen in Carol, who, from a submissive and abused wife, turns into a gun wielder. In a setting where it is all about the survival of the fittest, the women display impeccable physical, mental and emotional strength.


Amanda Clarke’s father is accused of being a terrorist and killed in a conspiracy when she’s a little kid. The impact this has on her is deep. Years later, Amanda returns to South Hampton where her father’s friends and the people involved in his death live. Amanda, now Emily Thorne, embarks on a path of revenge to bring down everyone responsible for her dad’s death. Emily’s strength shines through in everything she does — be it combat or tact. Even the main antagonist Victoria Grayson shows incredible vigour even when everything around her starts crumbling.

Once Upon A Time

This is a modern adaptation of all those fairytales everyone loved as children. And contrary to those versions, the series shows that women are in charge. The appeal lies in the women taking care of themselves. Think Snow White, Red Riding Hood, Belle, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty taking charge of their lives themselves!

Pretty Little Liars

Four best friends get tortured and taunted by an anonymous team. The show deals with many issues —including eating disorders, bullying, underage drinking, peer pressure, pressure from families, homosexuality, etc. Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily don’t seek anybody’s help to deal with a vicious person, but plan to bring him or her down themselves. As the series progresses, they get stronger and stronger, and fight harder.