Watch the premieres of three new films and new episodes of Beyblade on Cartoon Network.

Fun and fantasy-filled moments await children this week. Cartoon Network has lined up new films and new episodes of popular series. Read one…

Fifteen-year-old Max, a talented musician, travels to the town of Sainte-Hilaire to search of his long-lost father, Johnny Bigoude in Max & Co (Friday, 12 noon). He finds the town is virtually owned by Bzzz & Co., and a sinister plan could destroy the town.

Max and his friend Felicie join hands to convince the town's people about the wicked plan. Can they succeed?

Based on the original story by Pepitov, Barbie of Swan Lake (Saturday, 6.30 p.m.) features Barbie in the role of Odette, the young baker's daughter who follows a unicorn into previously undiscovered Enchanted Forest.

An evil wizard, Rothbart, transforms her into a swan. Equipped with only her courage, honesty and intelligence, can she defeat Rothbart and escape?

In My Name Is Raj (Sunday, 12 noon), teenager Raj's world changes when he gets a magic belt that gives him the power to summon five different heroes from the Other World. With the heroes on his side along with help from his Dad and two friends, Raj is ready to fight Kaalicharan – the epitome of darkness and evil.

Look out for brand new episodes of Beyblade Metal Fusion (Friday and Saturday, 4 p.m.). A new cast of characters takes on the continued battle between good and evil. Gingka, our hero, and his group of loyal friends take on a dangerous group called the Dark Nebula. The Dark Nebula's sole mission is to take over the world and unleash their evil upon it; but before they can do so, they must destroy Gingka as he is the only person who's strong enough to oppose them. The plot thickens as friends become enemies and enemies become allies.