Catch the exciting escapades of Andrew Zimmern

Giant tree rats as a snack. A hotel haunted by the ghost of Frank Sinatra. Thousand-year-old rituals. It's a bizarre world out there and Andrew Zimmern is the perfect guide.

In Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre World, Andrew ups his ante for the off-the-wall and goes in search of wild and weird experiences across the globe.

This nine-part series visits exotic locales like Belize, South Africa, Kalahari, Botswana, and Cuba to explore eclectic food traditions and tastes. But it's just not about food. Every episode brings an adventure. In Johannesburg, he eats dirt before moving on to rescue African penguins in Cape Town, while in Sulawesi, he experiences an authentic Torajan funeral as a pallbearer.

Catch Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre World every Sunday at 10 p.m. on Travel & Living.