Abhay Deol will spot the thread that binds six different women in his first small screen outing

After Bachchans and the Khans it is time for the fourth Deol to hog the limelight on the small screen. The youngest of the four Deol heroes — Dharmendra, Sunny and Bobby — Abhay is all set to make his television debut with Connected Hum Tum coming soon on Zee TV. The shy, soft spoken actor who will soon be seen in films like Raanjhana and One By Two is very excited about his television project and claims he has not come a day too late on the small screen.

What clinched the deal for Abhay was that Connected Hum Tum is not only a women-centric show but it also has an entirely different format wherein real life women give a peek into their daily lives. “Television is a powerful media and connects to millions of people but I had never thought of joining television, I was completely satisfied with my film career but when I was told about the format of the show it impressed me so much that I immediately said yes. This is out of the box, something which has not been shown on Indian television”.

When asked why the Deols choose to stay away from television he says, “If such an offer was offered to my bhaiyya he also would have agreed to do it.”

Talking about the show, he says Connected Hum Tum is an attempt to demystify women and thereby understand relationships better.

“To watch six women deal with the real situations of their lives in their own individual ways will help the viewers understand them and in turn ourselves better. We have given cameras to six women coming from different cities and different walks of life. They have been given technical training in terms of using the camera and shoot their lives which will be shown.”

Once the six stories arrived, Abhay donned the avatar of sutradhar trying to find commonalities between these women. Through the depiction of common women’s life, he intends to give glimpses of reality to the viewers.

For example one of the girls on the show reveals that her father feeds laddoos to the cow with his hands but not even a stale bread to her mother. Asked, if he would like to give camera to his girlfriend to shoot for the show he immediately snapped ‘no, never’. “If I have to give a camera, then I will give it to my mother, my sister and Sonia Gandhi but never to my girlfriend.” He also admitted that he would not like to record his own life for the viewers, “I am not brave enough, I do not have the courage like all these courageous ladies”.

Abhay Deol though comes across as a frank man and happily confesses that he does not watch any serials. “I never watch reality shows or daily soaps on television. I only watch Discovery Channel and at times news. I remember watching Hum Log, Buniyaad and Mahabharat in my childhood days.