Salman Khan lends a fresh touch to the next season of ‘Bigg Boss Alag Che.’

It’s not often that one does an interview standing. But he is the Big Boss of Bollywood right now and his wish is everyone’s command. At his mischievous best, Salman Khan has decided that he will talk on his feet, minutes before a press conference showcasing the sixth season of ‘Bigg Boss’ on Colors.

A compliment about the success of Ek Tha Tiger is accepted with graciousness and when asked if his success means he is enjoying his work the most at present, he quips, “You think so? I think people around me are getting more and more competent. I have to ensure that I am good enough to outdo them.”

Salman is all set to host the new season of ‘Bigg Boss Alag Che’ (Gujarati for ‘It’s Different’) which is unique in many ways. Sanjay Dutt, who was roped in for last season, is out of the picture this time.

Speaking about what got him back on the show, Salman says, “Last time, my dates got a bit messed up like it has happened with Sunju (Sanjay Dutt) this time. I am stuck too but at least I am going to be away for a bit and then back here. But with Sanju, there are only outdoors happening, else he would have been part of the show too.”

Talking about being different, the channel seems to have decided to tone down the controversy and the vulgarity to make it more suitable for family viewing.

The show will also be aired in the 9 p.m. slot (Monday to Sunday) instead of 11 p.m. Besides, two inmates have already been decided – a talking Macaw and a fish! The talking Macaw is named Radhe (after a popular Salman character) and will be Bigg Boss’s messenger in the house.

The talking point is that these changes have been initiated at the behest of Salman Khan! Ask him how his role shifted from being anchor to advisor and he looks you in the eye and says, “It was never meant to be that way. But I was genuinely upset with last season’s content and with people concocting fights and arguments just to get noticed. There was a public backlash and I could totally understand it because even I was against it. The whole 11 O’clock attitude put me off. In fact, more than half of it was not aired because I told them. But I watch the show. So when I go there to talk to these guys, I can’t really switch to being only a host.”

He says the channel will not advise the contestants about toning down their temperament. “From what we have seen so far, we feel the people who go in will react differently to the situations, when compared to the previous participants. But you don’t know human nature… when you are with people you have never been with before – you wake up with them, you have breakfast with them, you play cards with them, you talk with them all the while – you cannot predict how each person will behave and react! There is no format to behaviour.”

His style quotient

Salman Khan has been continuing to sport his Ek Tha Tiger French beard for the promos of Bigg Boss Alag Che but says that he will be sporting a new look through the show. Alvira Agnihotri, Salman’s sister, and designer Ashley Rebello have styled him for the show.

Salman, of course, has his own take on the debonair French beard styling, calling it “my Sandeep Patil look”!


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