There is more to intimacy than mere looks and muscles, discovers the new romantic comedy “Love By Chance”, to be aired soon on Bindass channel

“We felt that nowadays there is a lot of attention on love stories gone wrong, on the dark side of love. We thought romanticism was a little bit missing, so we decided to show it by following real couples in the first part of their love story, which is the most romantic. We wanted to show mostly the beauty of love,” says the comedian and actor Kavi Shastri, the host and storyteller of the forthcoming television show – a romantic comedy — “Love By Chance”. It will be telecast on Bindass channel.

Real young couples who fell in love through serendipity will be shown in the episodes to depict how romantic is the moment of falling in love. The programme will be, indeed, kind of realistic, something with which it is easy to relate to. “Our love stories will be different from the spectacular and happy Bollywood ones. I feel that sometimes, the small habits of everyday life are very important in a couple,” says Kavi.

Nowadays, appearance matterand sometimes, while choosing a partner, a fit and muscular body turns out to be more important than the nature of the person. This transforms the romance of courtship and the intimacy of discovering each other in a sort of a trophy hunting. “As you should not buy a book only by its cover, you should not choose a partner only for the looks. Chatting and spending time in knowing each other is always the best way to build a solid relationship,” feels Kavi, candidly admitting that, “at least this is what happened between my wife and me.”

Asked about his body and the importance he gives to fitness, he says, in a likeable way that “since I am getting a little bit older, I feel the necessity of doing some workout. As an actor, being fit is also important, but in my case, I train mostly for my personal wealth and not in relation to my job. It is not that I really enjoy the gym, I go there because I know it is good for my physique.”