Tele-actor Deepshika says you have to love yourself to be healthy

A well-known actress and seasoned vamp of Indian television, Deepshika, has seen many a phase of the entertainment industry. While the variations have been plenty, what have remained constant are her strides towards success and her vernal persona. Revealing the secret behind her youthful appearance, Deepshika who was in New Delhi recently, says, states, “I am a very happy go lucky person. I believe that positivity is the reason why I remain healthy.”

Elaborating on her daily eating habits, the widely recognised Ruby from the serial Son Pari says, “I eat small meals and am a pure vegetarian who has only home cooked food. In that sense I follow a very strict routine.” Also, her active lifestyle is the secret behind her fitness, says the actress who began her career in the Punjabi movie circuit before entering the popular world of small screen.

She doesn’t believe in working out in the gym as she finds it pretty monotonous. She prefers walking or swimming. “I have a very active life and have to de-stress after work. I guess walking and swimming are the most effective means of doing the same.”

What works for her is self discipline. “I am a Punjabi, so I have paranthas in the morning. But I also make it a point to have fruits to complete a healthy breakfast.” Even if she is shooting, she has meals on time. “If there is a late night party, I make it a point to have my dinner at 9:00 p.m. . and then go for the event.” The ultimate line from her is, “I love myself and I believe everyone else should love themselves too, and only then can they remain healthy.”

The actress once mused that she had no intention of joining the industry and that she just happened to land a role in her first movie while accompanying her sister who was poised for the role. Having found her place in the industry now, she is into filmmaking too. She began behind the camera only last year and released her maiden attempt as a director, producer and story writer with a movie titled Yeh Dooriyan. While the movie failed to gain acceptance both at the box office and among critics, it resulted in her marriage with her long-time boyfriend and the film’s co-star Keshav Arora.