Are you smarter than the entire nation? That’s what contestants of the Indian Quiz League will discover

Move over IPL, it is now time for the IQL! Questions, general knowledge and all things curious will take a crazy turn as National Geographic Channel launches its unique quiz show - Indian Quiz League, tonight.

Indian Quiz League (IQL) will put self-proclaimed smarties to the ultimate task of proving their intelligence against the average Indian.

Donning the quizmaster’s hat is popular VJ/actor/sports presenter Gaurav Kapoor who in a telephonic chat explains: “The IQL is a unique game show based on the knowledge pillar of National Geographic. It will test contestants in relation to how the nation fares in answering the same questions. It’s not just about being smart, it’s about being smarter than the entire nation. This is a never-explored-before concept in terms of quiz shows so it is bound to grab eyeballs.”

Having risen to fame as a DJ and then dabbling with films and sports, Gaurav says he couldn’t resist taking up this assignment. “I found the format interesting and intriguing and of course, working with a channel as popular as this was reason enough to say yes to hosting the IQL.” He quips as he adds: “Not having to shoot outdoors in the blazing sun was another reason why I took this up!”

Gaurav, who has always been interested in current affairs and general knowledge, is happy that he isn’t just playing quizmaster. “In the pre-production stage, I would sit for at least an hour everyday with the research team and we would finalise the questions, change a few things around, and so on. I could even spot the odd mistake and the guys said I had my GK all sorted, but of course they were being too kind to me, I think,” Gaurav laughs.

Of his experience as quizmaster, he says: “Doing something as unique as this in a style that people recognise as mine was what the job really called for. The participants, for example, don’t really come with the excitement of being on television. To them, this is about outdoing the nation with their smartness. And for the channel, the IQL is a means to get the nation to watch and learn together, so there I am bridging the gap between the serious and the quirky to make it an enjoyable show. I’m thankful the producers gave me space to improvise the way I deemed was best.”

Looking ahead, Gaurav’s got the IPL coming up and on the film front, he is in talks with a few directors.

Indian Quiz League will air every weekday at 8 p.m. on National Geographic Channel.