QUICK FIVE Jyothirmayee returns to anchoring with ‘Sammana Mazha’, a new game show on Surya TV

Jyothirmayee is back to where it all began – the small screen. “It’s been a long time, may be some eight years, since I did it,” says the actor as she returns to anchoring with ‘Sammana Mazha’, a new game show on Surya TV. A first-of-its-concept on Malayalam television, the show is aired on weekends at 7.30 p.m. The format is new for one and all, a reason why she is excited about it . Excerpts from an interview with Jyothirmayee…

Then and now

What brought me into television was a live phone-in show I used to do for a local television channel in Kochi. I got Pepsi Top 10 on Asianet while doing that programme. Then I did ‘Your Choice’, ‘Vaalkkannadi’ (both on Asianet) and a couple of other shows. It was much easier then. There were no benchmarks at that time. Now, there are so many shows happening, especially reality shows and games. I feel like a newcomer (laughs). It is quite challenging as well, because this is something that television viewers haven’t seen before.

The show format

I’d call it a ‘luck show’ rather than a game show. One moment you are on the top and the very next move can bring you to the bottom. Forty teams are battling it out for the prize; they have to choose from numbers one to 30 displayed on a screen. Hidden behind the numbers are certain icons. They can win gold, cash or gifts, depending on the icons they choose. But the catch is that they are expected to display their skills in dancing, acting, singing or general knowledge as well, if they happen to choose an icon related to any of those. These performances are judged by an invisible judge (Mr. Voice) who gives them points. So, the contestants have to be jack of all trades and master of all the fun.

Why did she choose the show?

I’ve been getting a lot of anchoring offers. The production team of this show is from Chennai and they were very positive about the concept and having me as the anchor. So I decided to give it a go. Being a society exposed to youth festivals and cultural programmes, I felt the audience could relate to the idea since it is a package of all kinds of entertainment. In addition, the show has its share of eccentricities, which I really like.

The experience

It was really strenuous! (sighs) In fact, I fell ill after the shoot, initially. What we have here as reality shows or games are remakes of many international shows. So, people are familiar with the idea. This has an original format and we have to explain from scratch and familiarise the contestants and the audience with the rules of the show.

On her film career

As any other actor, I too want my work to get appreciated. My career hasn’t shaped up the way I wanted to. Nevertheless, I always put in my best and would continue to do so. My forthcoming film is Housefull, by debutante director Linson, which has Tini Tom in the lead.