He entered the showbiz at the age of nine; shot to fame with “Hare Kaanch Ki Choodiyan” and “Des Mein Nikla Hoga Chaand”. Swapnil Joshi, the actor with a boyish face, has been on the small screen for more than 25 years. Recently in Capital for the promotion of his comedy show “Papad Pol-Shahbuddin Rathod Ki Rangeen Duniya”, he got candid. He says it has been a great journey. “I am thoroughly enjoying it. Yes, I've had my ups and downs, but then, who hasn't?”

Excerpts from an interview:

Q: What is the basic plot of this new show you are acting in?

Well, the story revolves around Vinaychand Jayantilal Parekh, the lead character played by me, who lives in Papad Pol in Gujarat. His mother loves him very much and wants to get him married at the earliest. But finding the bride proves to be a cumbersome task. It is the struggle of Vinay's family and friends to find a groom for him that makes the base of the story.

Q: Can you tell us something about Vinaychand?

Vinaychand is a nerd. He has a very dark complexion and is as dumb as one could be. Yet he is very optimistic. He is in love with Kokila (Ami Trivedi), a bright and ambitious girl and wants to marry her, but it is not the same with Kokila.

Q: So many comedies running on the television these days. How do you think Papad Pol stands apart from the rest?

“Papad Pol” is based on the works of Mr Shahbuddin Rathod, the famous Gujrati writer. It is a very unique concept of promoting literature through entertainment media. The show, along with entertainment, also focuses on everyday problems and issues of the common man. It imparts a social message at the end of each episode.

Q: Today, more or less the television industry has become stereotypical in content. What is your take on that?

At the cost of sounding immodest, yes, television is into stereotyping. The small screen is always loaded with saas-bahu melodramas and fake reality shows. The advent of shows with a different beat like “Papad Pol” is a welcome thing.

Q Your boyish looks are a boon or bane?

I enact roles/characters much younger to me without any makeovers and would be able to do that in future too courtesy my face. This would increase my chances to stay in the lead roles for a very long time. You decide.