Fox Traveller brings back the second biking expedition with five women

Life is an adventure and anyone who’s attempted something out of the ordinary to simply enjoy life would vouch for this! Along these lines, FOX Traveller is bringing back the show on which we saw Purab Kohli go on a biking expedition in Leh and Gibbon flying in Thailand with his buddies. This time around Life Mein Ek Baar-2 which premieres tonight is going on a grand South African adventure with Actress Barbara Mori, Yana Gupta, Archana Vijaya, Diandra Soares and Kirat Bhattal. In a telephonic chat, a virtually excited Diandra says of the show: “This is going to be one high octane show that features five good looking women kicking stuff of their bucket list doing some of the most crazy, adventurous things from bungee jumping, surfing and skydiving to riding a gyrocopter. Although the key focus will be on high adrenalin activities, there will be softer more personal moments captured that show how the five of us bond.” She adds: “The show will showcase individual personalities, touching upon our successes and failures, anecdotes from our lives. Each episode will see us either as a group of five, three or two, taking on some adventure.”

While one might think the show is limited to sporting activities, Diandra divulges: “We also involve ourselves in a lot of other activities such visiting a vineyard, learning to cook authentic South African food, etc.”

With five women from the same industry on the show, people would expect catfights to be there, “but we’re sorry to disappoint these people,” Diandra quips. “All of us got along so well that there was never even a heated moment between any of us. In fact, the friendship we developed on the show continues even after.”

On working with Barbara Mori, the Uruguayan-Mexican actress and model who scorched Indian cinema in “Kites”, Diandra says: “Barbara is such a sweet person on screen and off it too. She is so easy to be around and being the live wire that I am, we really hit it off the minute we met.”

Of her experience in South Africa, Diandra recounts: “It surpassed my expectations. The breathtaking beauty of Cape Town and more so the beauty of the people we came across and interacted with there, has left me a blessed person.”

Diandra has proved her mettle as a model, actor and as an anchor but she says: “It’s hard to choose what I love best. On the bright side, I never have to do just one thing at a given time so that makes any of the jobs I do exciting. I love the ramp and have been associated with it for the longest time and as much as I love being on TV, I’m sure scripted shows are not for me.”

So once she’s done with her adventure show, what does she have on the cards? “I’m the kind of person that lives in the moment and goes with the flow. In terms of films, I’m in talks with a few directors. Nothing has been finalized yet,” she wraps up.

Life Mein Ek Baar 2 willair every Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. on FOX Traveller.