A Mumbai-based jockey will represent Indian radio at the International Radio Festival in Zurich

Zurich is going to see a slice of India this week. RJ Malishka, who hosts the Breakfast Show – Morning No. 1 for the Mumbai edition of Red FM, won the opportunity to represent India at the International Radio Festival, 2012.

The hunt for the RJ who would represent India took the form of a competition, where over a hundred jockeys from around the country sent in their entries to organising website Radio And Music (radioandmusic.com).

At Zurich, Malishka will produce a two-hour-long radio show from the Schloss Sihlberg castle. “What they’re expecting is a flavour of what we typically do in a show,” she said over phone from her studio in Mumbai.

“So while I would have loved to add Gujarati music, and so on, I’m sticking to a typical format.” The heavily city-centric nature of her show isn’t likely to undergo any change for her presentation at the festival. A typical edition of the Breakfast Show has music, discussions on city issues, weather and traffic, she said. “You’re giving the city what they want, every morning.”

Moving beyond

The focus of her show is also on moving beyond mere information to put a personal spin on issues. “Information is available at a click, so it’s now about what our spin is,” she noted.

Malishka’s quick-witted chattiness has won her a loyal listenership. She has been at her current job for seven years, and been involved with radio for a total of nine. (“Since the beginning of radio, basically,” she quipped). While she loves travel – and eventually hopes to be Oprah, she laughed – her radio job is her bread and butter “and cheese, and jam”.

The International Radio Festival begins today, and goes on till 16 September. Visit internationalradiofestival .com to listen to the shows on air.