Go Asia with Anita Kapoor tries to see youth as the driving force of various cities

She’s witty, she’s intelligent and she’s the host of TLC’s brand new series Go Asia with Anita Kapoor. Traveller and TV host Kapoor tries to bring her viewers an experience of Asia that’s “never been seen before” — in five episodes Kapoor travelled across Mumbai, Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Manila.

Explaining the need for a show like Go Asia, which has a different approach to showcasing the continent, Kapoor says, “I wanted to do this show because it allows you to explore your own backyard in a contemporary fashion. When I did Exotic Escapades, it looked at Asia as an exotic destination. It was beautiful to do, but we also need to do contemporary stories and tell the world about it. We have to tell authentic stories. While many countries in Asia are very old, some are not too old at all. And we need to treat each one as it is. We also need to capture the essence of the youth as driving force or the lifeblood of these countries.”

The Mumbai-born, Singapore-raised celebrity described her experience in India saying, “I was born in Mumbai and left at the age of seven. Every time I go back it’s always new. Mumbai has a very soulful imprint. There are a lot of things happening. Delhi, in contrast, is quieter; it’s more polite. India has many layers to peel. We are looking for local stories. People don’t know the depth of India. The people here are very forward thinking, and yet very rooted in culture. The show captures a fusion of modern and ancient India, and the only way to touch it is through the people.”

Talking about what is to come, Kapoor says, “We have to decide what we want to do and where to go in Asia next. We still haven’t gone to Bangalore. But till then I will be communicating and engaging with fans on Facebook and Twitter answering questions and putting up pictures of these episodes.”

Go Asia with Anita Kapoor premieres on November 9, and will be telecast every Friday at 9 p.m. on TLC.