“Shorr: Goongi Kankoo ki Bolti Kahani” kicks off on Sahara One. A chat with the protagonist

“Shorr: Goongi Kankoo ki Bolti Kahani is a new show on Sahara One, where the protagonist Kankoo, essayed by the beautiful and vivacious Snigdha Srivastava, is speech impaired. Kankoo's future, her hopes, her dreams and her ever-shining attitude is the crux of this show.

Snigdha Srivastava speaks about the show:

How did you manage to bag the lead role in the soap?

Well, I actually got a call for the auditions from the production house but I still had to go through the whole audition procedure. Auditions went on for about seven to eight months and there were people auditioning from around the country and, luckily, I got through. The writer was sceptical if I could actually do it but when he saw the first episode he told me they made the perfect choice.

Have Do you signed any kind of two or three-show deal or three deal contract with the Jay Mehta Production House as this is your second serial with them?

Oh no, absolutely not. The producers like me a lot, especially Kinnari Mehta, as I've worked with them earlier, hence they called me for the auditions. This was just a matter of chance and run of luck.

How difficult was it for you to portray such a kind of role?

It was difficult for me to portray the role because Kankoo is different from others; she's speech impaired. So I had to learn how to express my feelings without the use of words. I can't use sign language too because Kankoo is an uneducated girl and the setup is in a small town in Gujarat, so emoting was a little difficult. Also, this character is totally different from my real life because I'm of a reserved nature while Kankoo is very lively, vibrant, energetic, and peppy. Kankoo is chirpy but I'm not, so this character is totally opposite to what I am.

Any specific training that you took before delineating this frame?

I went through a 20-day workshop with Vikas Kadam. This workshop gave me a good brush-up. Bit by bit I learnt that how Kankoo will be interacting with people, telling them what she wants and wishes.

The first day of the workshop was fun; I had to interact with shopkeepers without their knowing that I can speak and express myself through actions. Kadam made me sit with a group of people and with them I had to act like an aphasiac and still talk through my actions.

What is the USP of the show?

The first time on Indian television someone has came up with a unique concept where the protagonist is a girl with speech impairment. Also, I, playing the same, have a huge responsibility of standing up to the expectations of my producers and team and execute what they want from this character.