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The Amazing Spiderman 2 poster.
The Amazing Spiderman 2 poster.

Making the amazing believable

The Amazing Spiderman 2 hits Indian television this Sunday. Animation Supervisor David Schaub shares his thoughts on the movie »

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Post “Bigg Boss”, Sushant Divgikar is all set to host a digital show on fashion »
Beatrice says Backtrom has comedy, crime and is not politically correct

‘Acting is full of diversity’

Beatrice Rosen speaks about her role as Nadia, a tech expert, in the comic crime procedural series, Backstrom »
Kishor Satya
Thiruvananthapuram, February 27, 2015

Banking on confidence

There are actors who can’t boast of a huge volume of work, but they do leave a mark with a handful of projects that they have done. Kishor Satya is one among them. He has impressed audie... »
February 22, 2015

One last ride

When I watched the pilot of Parks and Recreation there was no spark, no bells ringing in my head, absolutely no fireworks in the distant sky — unlike when I watched 30 Rock, which is... »
Kratika Sengar
February 22, 2015

Role call

We are all pawns in the hands of destiny. A good turn of fate becomes a bed of roses. These thoughts cross my mind as I speak to Kratika Sengar, who is now playing the lead role in Zee TV’s new s... »
Promiti Phukan cherishes her radio days
Hyderabad, February 12, 2015

Thank you for the radio

If memes are to be believed, then it is true when it is said, ‘Home is where the wifi is.’ Wifi signals have become almost synonymous with one’s connect to the world. But before all this came, the... »
The cast of
February 6, 2015

Tales of a brave queen

Razia Sultan, an icon of our history, is being brought alive by Swastik Productions, and produced by Rahul Tewary, who is also known for his epic TV series, Mahabharata. It is the story of... »
TV actor Gautam Gulati.
February 5, 2015

Basking in glory

From playing a negative role in the popular television show “Diya Aur Baati Hum” to winning the “Big Boss Halla Bol” trophy, Gautam Gulati’s long journey is a mixed bag with controversies and a... »
Best adventures are always on foot Niall McCann.
Bengaluru, January 30, 2015

‘I am fascinated with all animals’

Ask Niall McCann which animal fascinates him the most, and like a true biologist, he says: “I have a childish fascination for all animals. When I go in search of mountain gorillas, I maybe distrac... »
A still from 'Vellanakalude Naadu' on Asianet
Thiruvananthapuram, January 29, 2015
Quick five

On the trail of white elephants in our midst

Sitcoms, especially those based on current events, have a niche audience in Kerala. Almost every channel has a series or two based on contemporary issues that take a tongue-in-cheek look at eve... »
the series.
January 29, 2015

Sholay returns

Now Jai and Veeru of Sholay fame will be seen in an animated avatar. Pogo is adapting the cult movie as Sholay Adventures. The film will have the same Jai and Veeru but as 8-year-olds who... »
Anu Hasan at the city launch of her book. Photo: B. Jyoti Ramalingam
January 25, 2015

Being Anu Hasan

You’re just a famous person’s niece. What does it mean?” asks Anuradha Chandrahasan. Inspite of the Hasan surname, her niche, says Anu, is one she’s carved for herself.Actor, entrepreneur, t... »

Opposing the trend

Beyond brackets

Shooting sprees

Absolutely unique just like everyone else

When Ravi rode home

Drawing the line

Striking the right note

Unleashing power

Laughter, the best medicine

Tina Fey
chennai, February 25, 2015

Gospels of the modern funny feminist

It’s almost heartening to see that in this hyper-digital age, getting a book deal is still considered a rite of passage for talented people who have ‘made it’ in their field. And why should America... »
A still from the serial
February 22, 2015

Sound of silence

There is no disputing the fact that the prime objective of different televisions channels is to provide all-out entertainment to the masses. Yet considering the undisputed power and reach of the me... »
February 15, 2015

Fresh look

One constant complaint about Hindi television serials is that they are always shot indoors. Neither the backdrop nor the walls nor the furniture seem to belong to a house well lived in. Furt... »
Renuka Shahane
February 12, 2015

The good old bahu is back

“Kabhi Aise Geet Gaya Karo” the new show focuses on making your family your friend. It claims to present the best of both worlds, the traditional and the modern all in a comic manner.The sh... »
Thiruvananthapuram, February 5, 2015

Quick five: Back in the limelight

There are many actresses who have made successful transition from movies to the mini screen. Nandini [Kausalya for the Tamil and Telugu film industries], one of the leading actresses in the lat... »
Some of the leading ladies of the film industry who have featured in the Lux commercial.
February 1, 2015

The soap opera continues

Some 25 years ago, noted lyricist Indeevar wrote a song, “Jab se hui hai shaadi”, a peppy number about a privileged wife and a helpless husband for Raj N Sippy’s film Thanedaar. Here... »
CLOSE CHAT Inmates of the house chat up in the afternoon.
January 30, 2015

A visit to Boss’s house

The location of Bigg Boss’ house is a mystery. Reality is, it is in Lonavala, in a narrow lane of a busy market place. This lane leads to a defunct factory which is protected by private security, a... »
MAKING A POINT A still from the film.
January 29, 2015

Caught in crossfire

History has witnessed justification of war and strife by the opposing camps through innumerable reasons. Despite the debate on the right and wrong, one underlying aspect of this man-made disaster c... »
Cast of the show
January 28, 2015

Rediscovering self

Yet another show talking about women and hopefully engaging with women. That sums up Zee TV’s new show Hello Pratibha which takes on its competitors on their own terms. Hello Pratibha... »
Mrudula Iyengar
January 25, 2015

‘I insist on a decent script’

She graduated in computer maintenance and was trained both in hardware and software. Jobs from leading IT companies came her way. Yet she found her true calling elsewhere. Mrudula... »

Widening the base

Language of progress

Experimenting with the medium

I’m not an escapist

One for the guard

Jest for laughs

Affairs of state

Powered by women

The world of automobiles has borrowed metaphors from other spheres of life and returned the favour »

I like visiting Calcutta. I enjoy the hustle and bustle of the streets, the crowds, the talkative taxi drivers – and the food. Every time I go there, I find that a new restaurant has opened up some... »

Nitin Bal Chauhan’s women’s collection is inspired by an iconic British ship »