Chicken breast: 250 g

Oil: Five ml

Lemon: One

Mustard powder and salt: Five gm each

Wine: Five ml

Corn flakes: 20 gm

Mayonnaise: 20 ml

Maida, carrot and baby corn: Five gm each

Mushroom: One

Parsley: Few

Potato: 20 gm

Butter: Five gm


Cut the chicken pieces into heart shape.

Marinate with lemon juice, salt, mustard powder, oil and red wine. Then, add the flour and mix well.

Then crush the corn flakes and coat it on the chicken. Fry the chicken till it becomes golden brown in colour.

Prepare potato cutlet using potato butter, salt and pepper. Sauté carrot, mushroom and baby corn for garnishing. Arrange it on a plate and use mayonnaise sauce as an accompaniment.

Chef P. Azhaguraja is working as Sous Chef at Sangam Hotel, Madurai and has six years experience. Previous he was working with Radisson Blue, Chennai. He specializes in Indian cuisine and likes reading books and watching movies during free time.